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"A Fantastic service All Around. I'll admit that driving there and finding the front door took a minute, but once I was inside I felt taken care of. The woman at the front desk checked me in quickly, and I sat on their comfortable waiting room and read for about two hours.
I came in for just an oil change, but the mechanic came in and told me we needed to replace the alternator belt. I appreciated the honesty and he gave me an exact cost, tax included before he began work. I appreciated the transparency.
I will definitely be returning for future service."

-Google User

"Very kind helpful inquiries"

-Google User

"I would say they deserve more than 5 star, I went there based on dealership report, that my brakes need to be changed immediately.I had bought all the stuff, but the guys there said your car is ready to run for more than three months, this the honesty that we are looking for when we deal with people in this feild, because they were able to do it and I was ready to pay for it, but their profesionalism and honesty made them tell the truth. Thank you"

-Google User

"I've been taking my vehicles here for 20+ years. High quality work and HONEST service. 5 stars."

-Facebook User

"Our car would not start because of the cold conditions on Feb 5, 2019. Synda (The Auto Connection) allowed us to park our car on their spare lot for the night (at no charge). The next morning they put our car inside and got it started so we could make our 3-hour drive to get home. They put us first. Well appreciated."

-Google User

"Fantastic service! Had my car towed there today. They were checking out my check engine light within a few minutes. A very short time later, they told me I was okay to drive on to Omaha, but to get the issue fixed. They didn't try to tell me it had to be fixed there, or mislead me in any way. They also took care of a very minor repair while they were at it. I was in and out, and they had lots of other cars to work on in the lot. Thank you so much. I highly recommend this business!"

-Google User