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My Vehicle is Turning Me Off!

Hands of a driver on steering wheel of a car and empty asphalt road

Steering should be something you don't have to think about too much. You want to go somewhere, you turn the wheel, and you head in that direction. Simple, right?

What happens when your steering wheel becomes hard to turn? Or what happens if it starts to feel disconnected from the wheels, a little loosey-goosey?

Steering is one of the most important functions of any vehicle. If your steering wheel is not turning easily and precisely, there are several things that might be wrong. First is the power steering system. Virtually all vehicles on the road these days have power steering, some hydraulic and some electric. When either system fails, your wheel can become very hard to turn.

In a hydraulic system, the problems could be caused by many things. You may have a belt that's worn or stretched, causing it to slip. The belt may even break. Your power steering system may be low or out of hydraulic fluid. That fluid can become contaminated. Sometimes you can hear a loud whine coming from the engine compartment when you turn. That could mean your hydraulic power steering pump is failing. The best way to avoid all of these problems is to have regular maintenance done on your hydraulic steering and serpentine belt systems.

If you have an electric power steering system, the electric motor can fail, a sensor may be having trouble, or some other electrical problem. A technician can pinpoint the reason these systems fail.

Now, what happens if you find the steering sloppy and loose? This can be just as dangerous as the hard-to-turn wheel. It could be a problem with components that connect the steering mechanism with the wheels: tie rods, Pitman arms, ball joints, or the steering gears themselves.

Steering issues are safety issues and should be fixed as soon as possible. Describe your symptoms to your NAPA AutoCare Service Advisor. A technician is trained to evaluate what's causing your steering troubles will make the necessary repairs to get you safely back on the road. It will truly be a turning point in your driving experience.

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